Friday, December 2, 2011

Ghana Trip #2 More memories


Eric and I set a skype date with the kids each morning. I got up at 6am so that they could start exploring the city as early as possible. Containing two energetic kids in a hotel room by himself was tough, I'm sure... Anyway, my favorite skype memory was when Kofi and Agyeiwaa skyped with Emmi and Jake for the first time.
Waiting in hotel room

To set the scene...Kofi has seen plenty of pictures of his new siblings and he knows them by name. As soon as the video came on, he saw both kids waving at him. My precious son's face lit up and he began to say "my family, my family" over and over again. It then hit me that yes, we are a family. For the first time all 4 of my children were connected and able to talk to each other. Of course it made tears stream down my face....Yes boy, this IS your family!!!!

He then began to ask to come to America. If I had the powers, I would have reached right through the computer and brought him to America.

Some of the sweet things I heard from Agyeiwaa (age 3) were: "good morning Mommy", "I love you Mommy", "my phone"( which cracks me up, because she didn't repeat the words, she actually knows what this means) and hearing her sing songs in the background. All this is of course said with the most adorable Ghanaian accent.

Just typing this up makes me miss them soooo much.....

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