Friday, January 13, 2012

And the good news just keep coming!!!

This morning, we received an email stating our visa interview is scheduled for January 31st!!! Just knowing the date is a huge relief, as sometimes it takes a while to hear back from the Emb@ssy. We sent a request for an appointment on Wednesday after our visa packet was picked up and it only took 2 days for a response! Praise God!

And other families are receiving good news from Ghana. More approvals, visas are being printed, families are traveling to bring their children home. And the best news of all: courts may be open again next week. Orphans will once again become sons and daughters!!! I feel so blessed to be a part of such supportive group of adoptive families. we continue to pray for orphans to be cleared for adoption, referrals for waiting families, smooth court process and smooth immigration process. This week has been full of good news as families pray around the clock.

What happens next?

On January 31st our representative will attend a visa exit interview on our behalf. As long as everything is in order (as it should be), we should receive a visa print date. Once our visas are printed for Kofi and Agyeiwaa, we can bring them home.

We plan to travel the week of visa printing or shortly thereafter. We will spend a week in Ghana and the travel home. It's hard to even wrap my mind around it that we are this close.


  1. Time to get those beds made! :0)

    1. I better get busy;) I have a list of things to do that will keep me occupied, serious nesting going on around here!!!

  2. Hi! I just came across your blog, but my family is also adopting from Ghana and I believe that our children are in the same foster home! Praying for you all on your last leg of the journey! We are waiting for a court date.

  3. If you read this, please email me at I would love to keep in touch if our children are from the same foster home (and even if not)