Sunday, October 16, 2011


I praise God for so many wonderful things that have happened this week. We are still waiting to hear back from the Embassy when Eric can go and file our I-600 form. Of course we are stalking flights and for some reason (probably time of year) all flights are the same price for us: $1245.

As I have learned over my relatively short Christian walk, God provides and often He has the same sense of humor about it as I do.

So yesterday morning, as Eric and I woke up to celebrate 16 years of marriage, I went to check our bank account as we both get paid on Fridays. At first glance, there seemed to be extra money there, more than I had budgeted for. A nice surprise!!! Then I panicked: did someone over pay us, we have to know so we don't spend someone else's money....

Eric found out his company owed him a referral bonus (which we didn't think they would actually pay...) and it was added to his check out of the blue. We had actually forgotten about this, since the payment should have happened a long time ago and it didn't. Also, no one mentioned this to him, so finding extra money in the bank account was a bit weird. In a good way. God was all over this decision, as we were not sure if flying to Ghana was the best financial decision, but our hearts felt like it was. Our children are old enough that they know it's been a while. We miss them. Eric also hopes to spend more time with their bio family and visit our sponsored child. Our next trip will be to bring them here, so the opportunity to do all those things just isn't there.

As I looked at his pay stub, after taxes the amount of the bonus was: $1245. Not only did God provide, there was no room for mistaking it as a lucky coincidence. He HAS provided, He WILL provide and He cares about every little detail of our lives.

So Daddy can now go and hug this little girl:

And tell this wonderful son, that we have missed him every single day since June

And some day we can tell them story after story about how God provides!


  1. TEARS!!! Tears of joy stain my cheeks as I read this! I am so very happy for God's provision for your family so that Eric can travel to visit K & A...but I am even more happy to see HIM get the glory! What an amazing testimony to God's faithfulness your journey has been. Lifting you in prayer each day that your son & daughter are home in your arms, FOREVER, very soon!!

  2. God is so good. You are so blessed to be mama to those kids. They were absolutely the sweetest when I met them and I begged my husband to think about adopting 3 instead of one :) but what is meant to be will always be. God had a plan for you and for them!

  3. how beautiful! got me smiling!! :) loved how this happens :) praise the Lord :)

  4. $1245! Faithful God. Love that so much! And your treasures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing! xo