Monday, December 19, 2011

Ghana in our home

The painting Eric and I chose on our first trip and the beautiful masks he brought home from trip #2.
I have many reminders of Ghana scattered around my home. Some are little reminders, such as tiny little dresses that are waiting for Agyeiwaa in her closet. Or the red dirt that I just can't wash off my flip flops because it is from the streets my children walk every day. It feels like a small connection to them as I wait to see them again. Others are items purchased while in Ghana that we have finally began to display in various spots. At times, it is just the quiet anticipation of four little feet that will soon run around this home. Either way, Ghana is near our hearts.
Cross made of recycled glass and coffee bean ornament made by an adoptive momma.

Carved nativity that is displayed on our coffee table. Jake rearranges this daily and tells me what each person or animal is doing or thinking.

The Baby Jesus from the carved nativity. Something about this rendition cracks me up:)

My favorite painting. Vibrant colors just make me happy.

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  1. I could relate to this post so, so much! I have little reminders ofEthiopia all over my home. <3