Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sweet Sisters

Emmi is 13, Agyeiwaa is 3 (for 2 more weeks). I thought their age difference would keep them from growing into a close relationship. I regretted that Emmi would never know what a sisterly bond would be because of the years of infertility that kept that dream from becoming a reality. This was the relationship I worried most about, prayed about and tried to figure out in my head. I wanted them to really hit it off.

Not sure why I was so worried? Out of all 4 siblings, these 2 are so close. Emmi is such a tender big sister, she loves playing princess games and tea parties and ballerina dance lessons with Agyeiwaa. In fact they are so close that I must approach their bond with caution so that it doesn't become the primary attachment for Agyeiwaa. Thankfully, she is treating Emmi as a sister, not Mommy, but certainly something to be aware of. When Emmi is at a sleepover or overnight camp, this little girl asks about 10 million times when her big sissy is returning back home.


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  1. Love seeing this!! We found this too.. our oldest daughter was so nurturing and sweet with Grace and their relationship is still great. I love seeing how well your family is doing!