Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First day in America!

This morning, my four children finally met each other. On Valentine's Day, our house was full of love!
After traveling through the night, arriving at a strange place with snow and a bunch of obrunis (term for white people in Ghana), I was amazed at how well the children did today.

The first thing Kofi saw in our garage was a bike, and that is all he wanted to do. I thought he would stay outside for 5 minutes and get too cold. He ended up going outside 3 times today (other times he did have gloves and snowpants) and learned how to ride his bike. I was so proud of him and happy to see he doesn't mind the cold weather.

Agyeiwaa stayed inside and had no interest in the snow. She spent her first day playing with balloons, exploring her new room with Emmi and carrying a purse with a toy puppy in it. She wasn't crazy about our cats, but by the end of the day she let them get close.

By early evening, both children started rubbing their eyes. It was time for baths, prayers and bed time. Kofi was glad to have Jakob to share a room with. Agyeiwaa fell asleep while we were snuggling. I have checked on them a few times to makes sure they are ok. And to make sure I wasn't dreaming. They are really here!!!


  1. OH Jenni, it's soooo odd to see you on this side of the journey! I still remember that first email! Praising God for your family tonight!

  2. Oh, delight! I am so excited for your family, hoping to travel next week to have all of our kids together too! Kourtney

  3. How beautiful! It warms my heart to see them home. Congratulations on your growing family.

  4. YAY!!!! SO happy your children are all together under your roof!! You must be so happy!!!