Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ghana Trip #2 Part 1

Instead of writing a day by day account of Eric's trip to Ghana, I will write some special memories instead. Since I didn't travel, these are "second hand stories" so I will consult my husband for any missed details.

Meeting the Children

When Eric met the children, they had been in the car for 3-4 hours from Kwahu. They likely slept the entire trip since it was still morning when they arrived. Our POA brought the children to the hotel and the children instantly knew him. There was a little bit of time before the Embassy appointment and Eric changed the kids clothes and gave them a few treats. Our POA took a few pictures and helped to get the kids ready. They were both pretty shy and quiet, but this didn't last long.

 All dressed up for the US Embassy

Next was the trip to the US Embassy. We visited the Embassy last trip and witnessed two families visa appointments. The families weren't there themselves, but their children and bio families were there and we saw all that happens there on a daily basis. Eric went in with the children and filed our I-600 application. He said it was "quick and painless" and he returned to the hotel with the children.

 Movie Time: Cars or Veggie Tales?

One of the favorite memories for Eric was to watch movies with the children after their bath in the evenings. Kofi loves "Cars" and they must have watched it a 100 times. This started the first night and continued every night during the trip.

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