Saturday, March 5, 2011

First post

I have hesitated starting a blog, because I wasn't sure that I wanted my life "out there" especially when we are in the process of adoption. But the more I have thought about it, this is the best way to keep our family and friends informed of our adoption process, find others who are adopting and create a life book for our adopted children of their family's journey to find them.

We have now shared this news with some family and friends and I anticipate sharing the news with everyone soon. So far all the people we have told have been happy for us and supportive of our decision. There have also been many questions about our adoption: why are you adopting? Where are you adopting from? How long will this take? How can you afford this? Will you adopt a baby? Do you know who your child is? Do you get to pick a child or will you be matched? Which agency are you using? And on and on and on...

I welcome all the questions and I will attempt to answer all of them. But also please understand that certain aspects of the adoption process are private and sensitive. The fact that a child becomes an orphan is painful and those details will be our child's to share when he or she is old enough to share them. While it's ok to be curious about this, it isn't something we want to publish until this child can comprehend and process on their own.

In the next few posts I will answer some of the more common adoption questions so you can learn more about why we are adopting and where we are in the process.

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