Friday, December 9, 2011

Ghana Trip #2 Memories

The Ocean

Eric was trying to find things to do with our children and the playground was closed that morning. His driver Patrick suggested going to the beach for a little bit. Our children grew up in a small village several hours north of Accra, so they had never seen the ocean. Our first trip didn't allow for a beach trip with them, so Eric thought this was a good idea.

Ready to see the beach

Walking up to the beach, Kofi was very excited, but I am sure he didn't know what to expect. Agyeiwaa was just along for the ride, she is such a sweet girl and a good traveler. They walked in between two buildings to see the ocean, and but the time they saw it, it was very close.

All of a sudden Kofi froze, he didn't want to get any closer. Patrick told Eric "he is afraid" and Eric offered to hold his hand. Slowly, they made their way to see the massive water. Eric asked Patric to explain that " on the other side of the water, was America". The look of amazement on his face was priceless. Thank you honey was videotaping this is such a sweet moment.

"So just on the other side of that water is America?"

And airplane flew over, which for our children stops anything, and they always point to the sky and chant "aeroplane, aeroplane"
 And my husband's sens of humor: he saw this guy walking on the beach and asked to take his picture. At home he told me: "no matter where you go, you always find someone from Ohio"

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