Sunday, March 6, 2011

How long is the adoption process???

Simply put, longer than I want to wait, LOL!!! Some countries are of course faster than others, but they may make changes in the middle of the process that will prolong the wait. All I know is that the process is unpredictable, full of bumps and detours. While I am expecting delays, I am not sure how my personality will deal with them:)

I have a general idea for our chosen country and I know what steps we must take to complete an adoption. That's why this blog was created, to go through the process step by step with others. From the frustrations to the joys, I want to record my experiences during this journey. I dont't want to put an arbitrary number to haunt me, so I will just say less than 2 years is my hope for this process.

<3 jenni

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