Sunday, March 13, 2011

Will you adopt a baby?

I have been asked this question sooo many times. People imagine a small baby dropped off at the steps of an orphanage in a Moses basket with a note from a desperate mother who can no longer take care of their child. Maybe that happens at times, but I dont think this will be a part of our adoption story.

When we first started to discuss adoption, we both realized that we didn't necessarily want to adopt an infant. After two kids, we had the infant "experience" and we knew there were so many children over the age of 2 that need a home. We feel equipped as parents to handle all that comes with adopting a toddler or school aged child. At the same time we feel that we want to maintain birth order in our family, so we are requesting a match with a child or siblings up to age 5. Or maybe 6.

Ghana is not known for infant adoptions. Last year only 3 children under the age of 1 were adopted internationally.

So while we LOVE little babies, there is really little chance we will be adopting a baby.

<3 jenni

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