Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why are you adopting?

We feel blessed to have a son and a daughter. Our life is full of joy and happiness as we parent these kids each day. We are busy with work, school, hobbies, doctor visits, play dates, birthday parties and homework as is every family with school aged children, I'm sure.With that being said, in my mind I always wanted to have a large family, just as I grew up in one. I imagined at least 4 children and I always imagined that some of them would be adopted. I am not sure where the thought of adoption came from, but it has been there as long as I have had any dreams of a family.

After having our two children, we knew we could no longer have biological children. It wasn't a big deal really, since I never thought of adoption as a "plan b" or a secondary option. I know many couples who have found adoption after fertility issues, but for us, this wasn't the case. And while it was an option I thought we would look into "some day", the process is intimidating, costly and scary (if you want to know the truth). So it was in the backs of our minds for a while, but we did nothing to pursue it.

And the last fall, it seemed that everyone everywhere was adopting. Not really, but my ears perked up whenever I heard of adoption, read blogs or adoption articles and spoke with adoptive families. The intimidation and scariness began to fade away and we finally began to have serious discussions about adoption. We listened to a few different webinars, learned about the current adoption tax credit and decided that we would start our adoption journey.

So our main reason to adopt is to grow our family. There are other reasons that I might get into later, but we have a loving home with plenty of room for more and there are children waiting for a mommy and daddy. Sounds simplistic (and it is), but that is our starting point.

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