Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why Ghana?

 Children from Ghana

Our adoption journey has already had many twists and turns. We didn't have a country or agency in mind when we started to gather information on adoption. We decided that all those details would fall into place and it was up to us to open as many doors as possible and see most of them close in the process. We e-mailed and called many agencies, inquired about children on waiting children lists and spoke with fellow adoptive parents about their experiences and advice. We considered Ethiopia, Taiwan, Latvia, Haiti and Colombia. We inquired about children with special needs. We inquired about summer hosting programs. We listened to webinars and sent pre-applications. But as it came time to make a commitment to an agency or a program, we felt it wasn't time. During this time, there was no mention of Ghana, no thoughts if this program would be a good fit for us and no information on any waiting children in Ghana.

As multiple opened doors began to close, I had a wonderful phone conversation with a family friend who eased my frustrations and gave me the confidence to continue. Because we felt strongly about adopting a waiting child, she encouraged us to find an agency with a good waiting children program or find our child(ren) first before making a commitment to an agency. And before long, I was having a phone conversation about Ghana, an orphanage and children waiting for adoption. Our parameters were a great fit for Ghana and the process of adoption there seemed a better fit for us than any other country we had learned about. And then Eric reminded me of a friend from our past who was from...Ghana! And then I found out that the non profit organization we would be involved with is located in our home state! Many other details seemed to fall in place and I knew that this opened door was the right one for us.

So GHANA it is!!!

<3 jenni

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