Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where are you adopting from?

In 2007, UNICEF estimated that there are 163 million orphaned children all over the world. This means that these children have lost at least one parent and 19 million have lost both parents. There are 150,000 children in the foster care system in United States that are in need of a family. Clearly, there is a need here and internationally.

Each country and government has specific requirements on who is eligible to adopt a child from that country. These requirements can include age, years of marriage, number of children in family and even what gender these children are. Also, some countries have medical condition and asset requirements that will disqualify some families from adopting.

Since we are not particularly young:) and we have been married long enough, most countries consider us qualified. But because we have a boy and a girl, we were ineligible to adopt in certain areas. We also cannot stay in a foreign country for several months, so we had to find a country that would allow us to travel shorter duration even if it meant 2-3 trips.

After considering all the factors, we are adopting from an African nation. Since we are at the early stages, you can e-mail me for the name of the country as we do not want to jeopardize anything during our process. We are learning about the beautiful people, vibrant culture and the rich history of this country and the more we learn, the more excited we become. We also know of the devastating poverty that causes so many tragedies to occur in this country, including millions of orphans and very few orphanages to help them.

I feel that we could adopt from a number of countries, but this feels right.

<3 jenni

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