Monday, January 30, 2012


Tomorrow is the final big step in our adoption journey: the visa exit interview. It will be at 7:30am Ghana time (2:30am in Ohio) and our POA will attend with our children and their birth family. I know I will not sleep until I get the news from our POA. If everything goes well, he will know what day our children's visas are printed. That is the day we can bring them home, or any day after that.

Would you please pray:

- that our POA and children are able to be on time
- all paperwork is in order
- our children will be able to endure the long day (after traveling 6 hours from their village)
- we will get a speedy visa print date
- clarity on our travel dates and length of stay

I know that isn a lot, but we are on the home stretch!!!!


  1. How exciting! I will praying!

  2. Wahoo! Prayed for you this weekend at Created For Care!