Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another step completed

Wednesday, our visa packet was picked up. It contains all the forms (I think) needed for our visa interview. We sent an email and requested a visa interview and are anxiously waiting a reply. My hope is that we will get an interview date this month. But once again, relying on God's timing is the better plan.

Last few days has been truly amazing in the Ghana adoption community. All the frustration over road blocks, delays and lack of communication has turned into a round the clock prayer vigil. Literally. For several days straight, every hour there has been a family up and praying for families, judges, social workers, consulars and the general process of adoptions in Ghana. I believe it has been pleasing to God for families with a passion for orphans to reach out to Him in prayer. Each day has brought unexpected good news for families and we have supported each other in an amazing way. There are still families waiting for courts to open again and I pray these families will be comforted during their wait and receive good news of passing court!

It has now been over 7 months since I held my children. I never thought I would be waiting still, but in some way I wouldn't want to change the journey as it is carefully and thoughtfully crafted by God. What a mixed bag of feelings that is....

We are getting there though. Visa interview and then our visas are printed. Everything else is already done!!!!

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