Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And we wait...

All of our papers are now submitted for our I-600 application. We received our "corrected" birth certificate and the Embassy is now continuing the process. Once again, we received a different age for our son, they range from 4 to 7 on various reports. One report states ages 4 AND 7 on the same page.... TIA!!! I know he is not 4 and I doubt that he is 7. Either way, he is our precious boy and we can't wait to have him and his sister here.

Eric has gone through many emotions since his return home from Ghana. His exhaustion has now turned into processing all that he saw and experienced. We are preparing ourselves for the holidays without two of our children and it is hard. It seems that I-600 applications are once again taking a long time to process so we set our sights on early next year for our next trip to Ghana. I do better when I can do something to help the process along like during our home study process. But this is the phase when we just wait...and wait...and wait.

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  1. I feel for you in this wait, and will pray for strength and joy in the next few months.