Sunday, November 27, 2011


Lately, I have been suffering from "writer's block" of sorts. Too many thoughts swirling in my brain and I have felt the need to sort some of them out first. After Eric came back from Ghana, God has been speaking to us about our future and how Ghana will fit into it. Our intention has never been to just "go get our kids" and then live our lives like nothing happened. There has been discussions about helping those children who are not going to be adopted and supporting individuals or organizations involved in these types of programs. Also, Eric spent a precious day with our children's first mother and we have so much compassion for women in Ghana who have no other options available to them than placing their children for adoption. So family preservation efforts are also close to our hearts. We are in prayer for the right direction and I hope we will have some things figured out soon.

I have also been in prayer during this time of waiting, that I could trust God FULLY that His timing is perfect. I am by nature a control freak and the anxious type. I have felt a marvelous shift in this tendency and God is leading me through the waiting with less anxiety and less worry. Thank you God!!! I am not perfect, but it's great to know that God doesn't think I'm beyond help, LOL!!!

So we are still waiting on our I-600 approval and we might be waiting a while longer. The last step after that is the visa processing and then we can travel to Ghana to bring our children home!

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  1. Isn't it funny how family preservation becomes so important to us through the adoption process? Doesn't that seem like an oxy moron? LOL We are in the exact same place in our lives...