Thursday, October 13, 2011

When do you pick them up?

That is the question I get asked bazillion times a day. My usual answer has been "praying before Christmas" and honestly, that is what I pray every day. And then I end "your timing is perfect God, but I still want them with us for Christmas". Emmi decided she wants our Christmas tree up as long as it takes for them to join us. So either way, they will celebrate Christmas with us, LOL!!!

So the latest: after passing court, the next step is filing our I-600 form with the USCIS. This can be done either here or we can do it in Ghana. Doing it here sometimes takes a bit longer, but that is not our reason for wanting to file in Ghana. We miss them terribly and they have seen many friends joined with their forever families. They ask about us and someone should go and tell them we have not forgotten them. Since our May/June trip, they have received a few care packages from us, but lately no one has gone that we know personally.

Eric requested an appointment with the embassy in Ghana, and he will fly out as soon as we hear back. He will stay a week or so taking care of business and loving our kids. Since we don't know how soon he will go, we are in trip mode, getting necessary items and donations together:)

I wish I could go, but this time it will be just Daddy....

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  1. Hey I recently posted some of the questions I wish I would have asked my girls' birthfamilies... You had left a comment asking about it on an earlier post.