Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flooded Orphanage

Two nights ago in Ghana, rain and flooding caused damage to roads, buildings and bridges. One of the places damaged by flooding is Christ Outreach Orphanage. All children are said to be safe, but all their belongings are destroyed. The little bit they owned, plus all of their school supplies and furniture on the lower level is gone. We personally know families who have children at this orphanage and I can only imagine the worry and heartache as they wait for news on where their children are and how they are coping with another tragedy in their lives.

Eric is in Ghana right now, and he witnessed the flooded roads and the devastation. Water on the roads make the already challenging traffic impossible. He visited a hospital yesterday that was flooded and telecommunication is challenging due to power outages. Tomorrow he will go and visit the Christ Outreach Orphanage and take food, water and needed supplies. He will also have the privilege of visiting sweet children whose parents await news on their condition. I thank God that he can bring some comfort to these children.

To help Christ Outreach Orphanage you can make a donation at:
Compassionate Journeys

And choose Christ Outreach Orphanage in the pull down menu. These children have been through so much already, let's help them recover some sense of normalcy.

Also, find Compassionate Journeys on facebook to see pictures of the flooding.

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