Monday, October 17, 2011

Ghana bound!!!

Eric got the most wonderful e-mail today: an appointment to file our I-600 at the US Embassy in Ghana!! I thought it might take a while to get a response and when we did, it might be a while longer until they could accommodate us. Only 3 business days from sending the email we had an answer, and now we are packing to get him ready!!

We got the ticket I mentioned in the last post at the exact same price! Woohoo!!! Instead of focusing on the fact that I can't go, I am excitedly packing little dresses and toys cars and snacks for our little ones. I have lists made for Eric of all the things he should remember. Not because I am a nag, but at his request, I should add:) We are excited to take over donations and care packages that the children will undoubtedly appreciate.

I am so bummed that our friends will leave Ghana the day before Eric gets there. I am sure he would have enjoyed the company, but we are not sure how much time he will spend in Accra vs.Kwahu. Either way, Eric is glad to be back in Ghana, learn more about our children's culture and life. And of course spend time with our son and daughter.


  1. sooooooooo excited for you! I can't wait to see more pictures of your children in their Daddy's arms!!

    (for some reason it won't let me sign in today!)

  2. Rejoicing with you, sweet friend!