Monday, May 14, 2012

First Mother's Day as an adoptive Mommy

Yesterday, I was able to celebrate my first Mother's Day as a Mommy to 4 children and as an adoptive mother. The reason I mention that, is because it brought on all kinds of new emotions that I have never experienced before. Kofi and Joy have never celebrated this holiday, and I felt sad telling them that this was a day for ME. Their first mother was on my mind all day, I felt so sad that she wasn't able to hold her precious children. Instead, I was the proud Mommy who was able to participate in a child dedication at our church. Somehow all that felt unfair.

Me and my girls after church

The dedication was beautiful. Our pastor is waiting to travel to China to meet and bring home his baby girl soon and we were so blessed to have him dedicate our little ones. This week, they even shared our adoption story as this week's message was on Micah 6:8. We felt so loved and our children felt accepted.

My handsome boys acting silly
 We enjoyed brunch after the dedication and spent the rest of the day relaxing outside. As I reflected on the past year, I am so grateful for the journey. Even when I waited. It was hard, excruciating, heart wrenching and trying. But we made it. And each day, I see my children growing closer to each other. It's beautiful.

Jake's Taekowndo tournament the day before Mother's Day

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