Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Week in Review

This is Amy's last link up for the My Week in Review, so I HAVE to participate. It's been a great way to recap some of the highs and lows of the week, the couple of times that I have done it.


Gathering donations for our trip has been a wonderful "high" this week. Not only does it show the generosity of our loved ones, but also it is a reminder that our trip to Ghana is getting closer!! We are filling tubs of clothes, shoes, coloring books, treats and toys for some wonderful kids that are waiting for their forever families in Ghana. 


ALLERGIES!!! Need I say more???    

{Lesson Learned}

As I was gathering donations and going through my kids things, I stopped to think how much we really have. Not just my family, but the Western World in general. I haven't lived a day where I wondered where my next meals was going to come from, if I will have clothes, if my children will receive an education or if we have a roof over our heads. We are gathering things that we no longer need, want or are willing to part with and we still have plenty after that.  I pray that I can remember this feeling the next time I feel I don't measure up to to others based on material things...

<3 jenni

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  1. A wonderful lesson indeed. Thank you so much for sharing your week and for linking up.