Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Week in Review

Linking up with Amy this week, to share the highs and the lows of my week.


Packing has been the constant high moment this week. I have witnessed my children use their own money to buy coloring books, stickers and special treats for the children we get to meet very soon. We have also packed clothes and shoes that I know will be very much appreciated. For my family, it's not about the stuff, but how God stretches us and teaches us constantly during our adoption journey. My little ones are being molded right in front of my eyes and I am so grateful for that. I wonder if I would be witnessing this if had not said "yes" to adoption?


A friend informed me that her daughter was hit by a car. The circumstances were horrible, and she could have lost her life or suffered permanent damaged if it wasn't for God's protection. After a long night at the hospital she is recovering at home... Seeing a friend in such pain is a low indeed...

{Lesson Learned}

Life can be so unpredictable. Just a year ago, my thoughts were not on Africa the same way they are today. Orphans were just an overwhelming "concept" that I felt paralyzed to do anything. I had such "all or nothing" attitude that if I couldn't make a huge difference, why even try? Taking that first step and deciding to do something instead of nothing can be so powerful and I know our current journey is just the tip of this iceberg. Lesson learned, God. Lesson learned...

<3 jenni


  1. I remember how exciting it was to be packing. :)

    I can't imagine what your friend must have experienced with her daughter. So thankful God protected her.

    Love your lesson! That is such an accurate description of the journey.

  2. Congratulations! I will be following along in your journey!
    God Bless, Rachelle