Friday, July 1, 2011


Pictures are so important to families who wait for their referred children to come home. Through the internet, I have "met" families who are traveling to the foster home. It is so nice that they take time to take pictures of our little ones and share them with us once they get home. I managed to send a care package to K and A with one traveling family and a photo with another traveling person (Thanks Anita, and the Briggs family!!!) This, I hope reminds our little ones in Ghana that we miss them and can't wait to see them again.

Today, I came home tired after a busy week of work and evening activities. I miss K and A more each day  as I have not seen any pictures of them since we came home a month ago. I wonder about their health and well being. Then, I found a link on facebook that had pictures of our smiling boy. He looked happy, healthy and full of his usual energy:) There was also a picture of him holding a red tractor that Jakob had sent with us for him. It was his treasure and I was so glad to see he still had it!! Melt my heart...

So until I can hold and love our kids again, the pictures are what keep us connected.

Unfortunately our little princess wasn't in any of the pictures. But, it didn't surprise me since she is rather camera shy and so tiny compared to most of the other kids.

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