Sunday, July 24, 2011

God is calling me to Africa!!!

Emmi in her traditional Ghanaian dress

My daughter has been praying for our family to adopt for many years. She would mention it during the years she was an only child and then when her brother joined our family, she once again would ask if we would adopt. I always said that we have room in our home and in our hearts, but we want to be sure the time was right. This was mommy talk for "I want to, but I am overwhelmed and not sure where to begin".

Ready for summer camp

Now that she knows who her brother and sister are in Ghana, she has asked us repeatedly, if she can travel with us. She has a compassionate spirit and she wants to learn about her siblings culture and homeland. But beyond that, I have a feeling that Africa is calling her the same way it has called me for years. She wants to learn and help and make a difference.
Saying good bye during camp drop off

This year at summer camp, the children lived like an African child for a day. They ate rice and beans, carried water, learned about human trafficking and about diseases. She was broken as she thought about her siblings and what their reality could have been, if they didn't find themselves at an orphanage. This day was a moving experience for all the children, but she felt that this was personal.
Pick up day- note the exhausted look on everyone's faces:)

Later that night, she prayed with her camp counselor as she was clearly overwhelmed by all that she had learned. As we were driving home from camp (before she fell asleep from pure exhaustion) she couldn't wait to tell me: "God is calling me to Africa! I don't know when or how, but I'm so excited" The same tugging that has been on my heart for years is now shared with another member of our family.I am so thankful for her sweet spirit and compassionate heart:)


  1. wow! That is so amazing! What a beautiful spirit she has!!

  2. Praising God for your little girl...that her heart is open to His calling on her life and that He is calling her in line with you, that you may grow & serve together.

    Praying for God to use her in amazing ways for the people of Africa!