Friday, August 24, 2012

6 Month Reflections

10 days ago was our 6 month anniversary as a family of 6. The most wonderful part was: I forgot all about it. Life seems to flow now and I don't track dates and milestones as much anymore.

These boys have truly become brothers. Their relationship has demanded the most attention as they are now both 7 and "all boy". They get into trouble together, they play together and when they fight, they fight like brothers:) This is our traditional picture at Cedar Point, but I might try to install these in our backyard for those "hard to get along days". Just kidding....

And this little girl is doing so well in preschool. We chose a gentle introduction with just an hour the first day (with me) and then each day we extended the time. Once she knew they would go to the playground and have lunch at the end of the day, she asked to stay the entire time. And I heard something I have never heard in 13 years of parenting: "Mommy, can I please have onions with my broccoli for lunch?" She looooves onion in everything:)

And sweet Emmi, the leader of the pack, continues to extend grace to the little ones as they rummage though her stuff, ask her to play Candyland or pour them a glass of juice. She is amazingly patient (for a teenager) and puts up with a lot of craziness.

So life at 6 months is not perfect. I could be more organized, patient, creative, resourceful and fun. They grieve their losses and we learn about their hurts. But we have also found a gentle rhythm into our every day life and I don't have to plan each outing so carefully anymore. We can just go and live life.

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