Monday, June 4, 2012

Things I love

Right now, we are experiencing an explosion in both children's English language. Earlier this week, Kofi came off the school bus and said "Mommy, I was messin' around on the bus." I had to laugh because one of Eric's phrases around the house is : "Boys, quit messin' around". While I'm glad of the new phrases they are learning, I secretly hope they never get rid of these:

- calling a door "the gate". As in  "Mommy, please open the gate" "Mommy, the gate is locked"
- my vehicle is "private car" or "driving car"
- getting the words "chicken" and "kitchen" mixed up all the time
- any word that ends in the letter "s" must have a "t" added to it. yes is "yest", shoes are "shoest" and     boss is "bosst"

The ultimate proud Mommy moment happened yesterday. I went to pick up Kofi from children's church and he shared that he prayed in front of the k-3 kids group. In his own words:" Mommy, Kofi pray like this. Thank you God for anyone new, learning, no mothers die, food and the Bible. In Jesus name Amen."

 my sweet prayin' spiderman and his spunky sister


  1. Sweetest little prayer ever! We are almost ready to apply to immigration (just waiting on our social worker to finalize our home study) and then the clock will start ticking for us for a referral from Ghana. Seeing your two cuties makes me want to speed up time. I have a few questions for you about traveling in Ghana if you ever have a second to email.

    Bonnie (

  2. That prayer got my heart. I found your blog from the Trust Based Parenting FB page.