Friday, June 10, 2011

Our children

I think the easiest place to start to share about our trip to Ghana is to tell you about our children. Actually, we are still waiting for the courts in Ghana to officially call them our children, but in our minds they are our children. We received information about a boy and his younger sister a few months ago through a waiting children list. We felt that they were meant to be a part of our family from the moment we received information about them and saw their faces on a referral photo. They had arrived at the foster home a couple of weeks earlier. We kept receiving information about their background and personalities over the following weeks as we finished our homestudy and complied our dossier for Ghana. Once all of this was done, I asked our wonderful agency, About A Child what we do next. Our coordinator said: "plan a trip"!!! 2 months after learning about our children, I booked our flights to Ghana and another month later we were on our way. I could not have believed this in my wildest dreams:)

All this time, I was trying to guard my heart in case of bad news. Maybe the children would go to another family, maybe they were no longer available for adoption etc. But secretly, these were my children and I would do whatever it takes to get them home. Even as we made our way to these precious children,  I kept waiting for some unexpected news, but there in the middle of pouring rain, we saw our children for the first time.

Our son is 5 and is an energetic, outgoing, giggly little boy. He loves to dance and he loves to be the center of attention. He has a sweet affectionate side that craves the love of a father and he was by Eric's side constantly. In one video clip I took, I see him play with his friends, but every few minutes he searches for Daddy with his eyes or runs to hold his hand. While he is skinny, he is incredibly athletic and loves to play soccer (or football as they call it in Ghana). We were impressed by his English skills considering how recently he started school. I am convinced that him and Jakob will be great brothers and friends.

Our daughter is 3 and is more reserved and quiet when you first meet her. But watch out, when she is comfortable with you, she is full of energy and talkative. She loved playing with her baby doll, but will grab her brother's cars and join in with him as well. She can make her wishes known, even though she doesn't speak much English. She loves to be held, carried and rubs her little ear when she gets tired. She has a wonderful relationship with her brother, but isn't afraid to boss him around when she wants something.

Until the courts pronounce them our children, I don't want to show their faces in pictures. There is a reason why we couldn't go to court while in Ghana and I hope it doesn't cause a delay in having our children join our family soon. Gods timing is perfect, even though my heart is broken into a million little pieces while I wait.

<3 jenni

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  1. Ah, such a precious story of motherhood! We're praying for you and all your children!